Friday, June 22, 2007

In Decision rho00001

I am Brian A. J. Salchert, and this is a test as I am in decision. If this goes well, I will pass through being in decision, and stay. My being here is not necessary. I already have a presence in another sector of online space. Still, I want to investigate the experience of here. Unless holy surprises are in the offing, I am nearing the end of my Earth-alive state. I regard this as an opportunity. Sprintedon summer has begun, and this old hermit of that mythical dinosaur is herein emboldened by it. More later. It is nearing 3 pm where I am, and other concerns are beginning to wonder what delays me. - 5 pm approaches. I am not yet certain about this blog's content, but I feel it will be poetry- centered. If it is so, it will not center on my poetry. If it is so, it will not center on any particular philosophy of how to make poems. Besides, "saw I was" is a palindrome, & while a palindrome might make an interesting poem, I have a sense it would not make a worthy philosophy of/ how to make a poem. You must be aware/ I am a strange knot of white candy. ~ See directory2007 in Catmap.

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