Wednesday, July 29, 2009

autobio notes

Yesterday I searched through my Seminary poems and determined every poem there was trash. Without a doubt I was grievously askew spiritually during my year-and-a-half at that Jesuit school. Conflicts in my soul I should have come to terms with while I was in high school intensified my misguided fervor and most of the poems I wrote were ruined by it, to say nothing of my technical inadequacies. - My local sister bought a pair of jeans shorts, and when I tried them on today I found I needed to roll them up some, but I also found I no longer needed to use the towel I was using over my legs so that my keyboard would be high enough for its right end to rest on the mouse pad on the stool to my right. Thus, I now have that towel on top of the towel I have been using on the table between where I sit and where my monitor is atop the desk. Surely my feet are now elevated high enough. I may not get to heaven but my feet will. rho00365

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