Sunday, June 7, 2009

just considering

No doubt the Bald Eagle is a beautiful national symbol but while the Industrial Age passes/ I think we should temporarily let the Crow be our national bird. - I have been posting my quirky song lyrics at a rapid pace as of late. They come as and when they come. I have no overriding plan. If you want to snatch one or more, go ahead. Feel free to mess with any of them in your own space. - Visited Adam Fieled's Stoning the Devil yesterday. Left a comment. May link to that post of his at my K H today. - If William Michaelian and Joseph Hutchison wish to continue their recent crow project, my encumbrance need not be part of it. I will do whatever I do/ as an aside to what they do. That is why I didn't post "Rhetorical" in a comment on William's blog. I was merely riffing. - My body is in hesitation mode again, but I've been and will be eating 4 ounces of probiotic yogurt every day. Am also trying to get myself to get out and walk for at least ten minutes daily, and I am making other changes. - Although I first came online in April of 2000, I am not of the Net Generation as Don Tapscott puts it, and so I lack the confidence and skills NGers have. I learn what I need to, id est, when I am ready to learn what I need to or am forced to. - I live moment to moment, my ongoing as an ashable human primarily dependent on the will of God. I am not out to prove myself better than or even = to any other human. bl00348

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William Michaelian said...

Even if it were a project, your contribution would not, could not, be an encumbrance.

A recipe that might interest you: madzoon.