Monday, May 25, 2009

yesterday today notes

Yesterday: Spent most of my online time changing things in AOL Mail and in my blogs. - Took a short parking lot walk. Today: In the early morning of this Memorial Day the green-tinted (beneath its heavy translucent covering just under the roof of the apartment building north of this one at its southeast corner where still growing Sturdy Bush is) light/ went dark. - My ever-changing body in its weaknesses/ forces ne to be ever innovative regarding it. - My subconscious continues its war against my conscious, but I can't let one dominate/ for I need the strengths native to each. - Having problems in my blog spaces I never had before, especially with the one migrated from AOL. The only recent major thing I did was open a Gmail account. Seems my best move might be to record and/or PDF my books. bl00344

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