Thursday, April 23, 2009

With winds gusting

through Sturdy Bush at noon, a butterfly that looked like a Monarch but seemed too small and so may have been a Viceroy was moving from one dandelion patch to another. Also caught a glimpse of a bee on this now cloudy warm day. - Have been following Bank of America this week. A slew of controversy surrounds its solvency and in particular its acquistion of Merrill Lynch. BAC stock dropped to $7 briefly--I think it was early on Tuesday--but mostly has been between $8 and $9. - Ron Silliman placed a challenging post up yesterday which I may link to so I don't have to keep visiting it. Henry Gould's comments are becoming more cogent, a fact that pleases me since I agree with most of his conclusions. - Speaking of conclusions, Coversations With Myself has entered the contest for the title of my collected works. Two others are Idiothead and Your Mother's Dead, and She's Glad. - PM 3:30 -- Mark Wallace's is another site I've been visiting a lot of late. Many of the discussions re American Hybrid radiate from there and Mark nearly always states his thoughts in interesting ways. - Reminder: If you don't have a link to a site I mention, check to see if I do. bl00336

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