Friday, April 10, 2009

Stupid search engines

have angered me more than long enough; therefore, I have devised a test. I don't know what their problems are, but they consistently return results that assign to me (Brian Salchert) statements made by someone else. From now on/ whenever I comment (even on my own blogs), my comment will begin and end with the date and my initials. If a comment doesn't begin and/or end with this info, it is not my comment. Admittedly, my test may fail. If it does, I will end it. bl00330


Joseph Hutchison said...

Might there be two of you? Brian Sachert's I mean. As in Poe's story "William Wilson..."

baj salchert said...

It isn't impossible. I tried to find out several times, but had no luck. However, this gets complex because (for example) I've made numerous comments on Silliman's Blog and later after searching my name found that the comment made by someone else beneath the same post was partially shown when I searched my name, and nothing from the comment I made was shown. Another example is at a Play List Kenneth Goldsmith posted. It was in the list of results when I searched my name, and I decided to take a look. Surprise: there was a post by a Brian Salchert, and another by a Brian. The one by Brian Salchert was strongly negative, not at all the kind of post typical of me. Besides, only one item on KG's list was even familiar to me. So I commented and, due to an error I made in my first comment, commented a second time. Among the comments was one that suggested KG might have made the first Brian Salchert comment. Anyway, I tried to find out, but never did get a response. Mr. KG does not respond to Brian Salchert's. That experience made me paranoid about two things: one of those is now costing me near $15 a month; the other is why I went to using Brian A. J. Salchert.
Earlier, after my post here, I searched my name, and what came up on the first two pages was correct.
There was a day a while back when I learned of a new search engine put together by former Google employees. It was supposedly better. So I searched my name there: same problem. On that day that search engine, Google, Yahoo!, and MSN all had the same wrong answer for a specific comment I had made. Go figure.