Friday, April 17, 2009


a pair of warblers or finches along with some zipping around swallows have been near Sturdy Bush. Swallows do nest in the passageways, but I would like to know what kind of bird the other two are. They may have been here past years too in a different location. Recently I've been trying to eat a can of three bean salad. It hasn't been going well. Too stringy and the kidney bean skins get stuck in my throat and other places, and the vinegar, well--it is vinegar. Will be eating the last of it tomorrow. Recently, though I haven't written any down yet, I've been noting lines I like in the anthology of poems I got from the library, and have been attempting to ascertain why I like them. Have renewed the book and will probably do a post on some of Emily Dickinson's lines first. Recently I've been trying to summon the energy to get back to posting the rest of Brian's Brain. It's a large project that once was online at Tripod. Six posts of it are done. Am not sure how many more posts will be needed, but the completed ones are in size 1 Verdana. Those remaining, therefore, will also be in size 1 Verdana. Recently in KH I posted the covers of 5 books, each by a different author, along with 1 poem from each book. A hazy theme connects the 5 poems, so I didn't comment on them. The five authors are William Michaelian, Tom Montag, David Lunde, Charles Behlen, and Gary B. Fitzgerald. bl00334

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