Friday, March 13, 2009

blog notes

No Friday report at Money Rho today. The DJIA went up a bit, and most of the stocks I've been tracking went up. - As to the recommended search note beneath this blog's name, I spent much of Wednesday reading Rexroth's essay, along with visiting various blogs. One sentence from the essay: "The white race is going mad, but it is the autonomic nervous system which is out of kilter; what goes on in the head is secondary--and the autonomic nervous system is, as a whole, the organ of communion." - Spent much of Thursday visiting blogs and reading. Thursday night I left a comment beneath Martin Earl's Harriet post: Wernicke's area. Today I was back there, and I left another comment because he had left one for me which included a question about Dickinson. Martin Earl post. - Also, led to it by Don Share, I've been at Jacket 37/ reading a long Kent Johnson interview of David Shapiro. Fascinating story of natural talents coupled with the right environments. - Posted a short-form haiku at The Ghost in the Dumpster. rho00314

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