Wednesday, December 10, 2008


is a novella written by Blake Butler with help from God in the form of an Atlanta tornado and Blake's consequent decision to return to the room he grew up in, and with help from the caring and creative Derek White, editor of Calamari Press. For my knowledge of this I am indebted to Johannes Göransson, who posted about it on his Exoskeleton blog, and Rauan Klassnik, who conducted an Ever e-mail interview of Blake Butler which he posted on his blog. Ron Silliman asked in one of his posts: What comes next? From what I have been learning recently from blog posts about works by younger authors, I think that "what comes next" is already here. What is most noticeable to me is twofold: 1) The willingness to draw from all available aesthetics. 2) The strength to allow intuition to prevail. I favor a sense of play over a sense of control, or at least space for play within a controlled universe. No One Does That is the best first place to scroll through and click around in. Both a writer of fiction and poems, Mr. Butler can be found in many locations. The Collected Poems: 1951-1971 by A. R. Ammons was or is on his wish list at Amazon. Speaking of lists, list #2 of a projected 50 lists of 50 items each. * Rho00236

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