Saturday, November 22, 2008

welcome to humanity

You're gonna luv it. - Yah. - - Homo sapiens is an imperfect being. As soon as/ one is conceived// death begins. Whether that death will occur in utero or more than twelve decades later is an unknown. - body - heart - soul - mind - Sometimes the body knows before the mind knows. See Floyd Skloot review by Andrew Shields. * Sometimes the heart knows before the mind knows. Examples abound. * Sometimes the soul/spirit knows before the mind knows. Will be getting back to this. - This morning and yesterday morning just before awakening/ I had an unsettling dream. The two dreams were not the same dream even though each exemplified the same reality. * During yesterday I encountered at different websites unsettling knowledges (mind recognitions). - Dreams and imaginings are extensions of mind. For all its inadequacies, Homo sapiens is a special being, a being capable of what appears to be infinite growth. There are conflicting views as to the why. See Rho00221 and Rho00015. Also my mind/seasons/time villanelle. Will be getting back to this. 1:30 PM -- 3:12 PM -- I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being. I believe that Being, being supreme, is constantly active; and even though I cannot know that Being as that Being knows me, I believe that if I am open to it, that Being's presence is accessible/ especially in that that Being provides guidance for me and opens doors for me. In spite of my not having recognized those guidances as often as I could have and not knocking on those doors I could have, I have come to call such: Watch God Moments. * I could cite instance upon instance to support what I believe/ even while I realize most others would say they were luck or fate or coincidence. I believe that out in the universe there exist civilizations greater than Homo sapiens, and yet that we of planet Earth--if we are able to solve in time each problem which mitigates against our continuance--will one day be welcomed by such greater civilizations. Read article by Michio Kaku in civilizations folder. * I believe the Supreme Being is not only from-Whom-all but also is to-Whom-all. I believe in the idea of the Omega Point, that time is speeding up (or, as some say, collapsing), that human knowledges--and therefore the creations and understandings arising from them-- are growing exponentially. Still, Nature does have its limits. What about the time machine? If it does get invented, will time stop then? Complexification? Simplification? A smooth round stone can be used in good ways and in equally evil ways. An atom likewise. God exists, or does not. * We exist, and are potentially God-like. * What we surmise is God/ exists within each of us. * Because it is possible to imagine, however inaccurately, humans at a far higher level than we are now, those humans are/ like gods to us. At any one moment, the collective human mind cannot know more than it collectively knows. * On the other hand, the collective human soul transcends the realms of knowledge. Alas, thus thus, the collective human mind cannot grasp what the collective human soul contemplates. Rho00222


Joseph Hutchison said...

"God exists, or does not." Hmmm. I wonder. I wonder if "God" isn't just a tag for a simultaneity of processes we can't imagine. Kind of like "me," or "you".

You might have fun with my blog post today. It muddles through similar muddy fields....


brian a j s said...

Weird facts:

This first you will just have to take my word for. Besides, it is a personal truth before it is a general truth. 32 was my number in the 20th Century. In this 21st Century my number is 17.
222 + 221 + 15 = 458 = 17 = 8.
b = 2 and a = 1 and j = 1 and s = 1 and thus my initials = 5.
b = 2 and r = 9 and i = 9 and a = 1 and n = 5 and thus the letters in my first name = 26 = 8.
1 + 16 = 17 = 8.
5 + 1 + 2 = 8.
Enough of this silly stuff, but be on the lookout for 17.