Monday, November 3, 2008

Marx capitalism socialism communism

and a needed beyond. At the History of Economic Theory and Thought site is a brief explanation of the views of Karl Marx: as they relate to political/economic systems. - - At Sugarhigh are two posts: real badiou and apocalyptic capitalism which will be linked to in the order shown here. First, two quotes from each post: "The crisis of credit is found in the status of the relationship between the speculative and real economics." ". . . the grand strategy for increasing intensity, breadth and duration of labor exploitation is exactly what we call neoliberalism." - "The capitalist is entirely identified with surplus value; when it dies, the world dies with it." "Apocalypse is merely capitalism's last new line, the latest in use value. . . ." 1. October 26, 2008 2. October 1, 2008 Each of the quotations above I understand, but the second one is on a frequency I as yet can not find. I do know neoliberals are more socialist-oriented. Rightly or wrongly, my dictionary's definition for a neoliberal is: "a liberal who de-emphasizes tra- ditional liberal doctrines in order to seek progress by more pragmatic methods." * From what I have read at their sites, Mr. Dark and Mr. Little Red constitute the "we" in the quote. Tomorrow is this nation's Elect-Our-Next-President Day, and I have never felt more grey in all my ghostly life; and as I reflect again on how my financial status could have been as opposed to how it is, I feel that even if it were what it isn't I would still feel sullen grey. || Whatever becomes of it, this nation is not the nation I desire it to be, and I doubt either of the major candidates has the strength to make it so. - Unless we humans can somehow rise above the Type 0 civilization we presently are, and do so quickly, I fear our own foolishnesses will cause us to go the way of the passenger pigeon. Rho00213

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