Wednesday, October 1, 2008

forced exodus from AOL Journals

AOL has suggested, and will help with, moving what I have in their Journals space to here; but I'm not certain. It might be best to keep what is there separate from what is here. Am fearful some of what I have there I will not be able to move to blogspot. There is even the possibility of my once again acquiring a domain name. Meanwhile I may not have the time to update the blogs here during this month. See note in About Me. Rho00200


William Michaelian said...

A challenge, to be sure, but I’m willing to bet something good will come out of it. Your own domain is one good idea; another possibility would be to preserve the various collections in their own individual blogs. In fact, doing that just might help you reach new readers.

brian salchert said...

Yes, and a separate blog for each book does appeal to me. It would be similar to what Bill Knott has done in his Typepad space. However, in Sprintedon Hollow there is what amounts to a contents page for each book; so I could have one blog for books of poems, another for diaries, another for my math projects. The opinions and other persons entries could be put in Kyphotic. A number of minor entries could be left behind. Not sure about my song lyrics, most of which are rather empty. My photos are not a problem, whatever I decide.
I know a writer/photographer who uses Wordpress, but I was just at Wordpress's site again, and it still seems too difficult. One I hadn't known about until today, Blogsmith, claims to be the best.
The other popular ones I'm simply not interested in.
When I was first posting in S H, I printed copies of the blog's entries. I have them in folders in a file cabinet. But several months ago I stopped using my printer. I've also took a look at Lulu, and am sure it would be too expensive for me. Thinking Lizard is a valid press I started in 1979
but haven't used since 1994 and would need to update. It even has a trademark which hasn't yet been registered.
"Hurry up, please. It's time."