Sunday, October 26, 2008


[ confession interlude: most of my 67+ years I have been an outright fool. ] BUT: 1) Are we heading into a deflationary depression? or 2) Will this only be a recession with inflationary consequences? Over at Seeking Alpha both sides are explored. - Finuked-where-are-the-bunkers? is a question #1 article. I think the EWI Elliott Wave International theorists would agree. See but here is the article. Why-oil-and-gold-are-headed-much-higher is a question #2 article. In reading it you will find out which analysts tend to agree. Here is that article. See also watch-out-crash-gaining-momentum=27746 October 26, 2008 wherein they suggest tomorrow could well be like the Monday following the dark Friday in October of 1987. [ confession interlude: Without going into debt, I could have bought a few shares of BofA then. ] And don't miss this from Karl Denninger. Rho00210

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brian a j s said...

Do this search:

The Rise of the Machines NYTimes


The article is by Richard Dooling
and was published 10-12-2008.
It is an Op-Ed Contributor
opinion piece, but it is informative
in ways you will never forget.