Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wall Street Bailout Responses

Be it known: I am against money changer machinations. Four other responses to 29SEP08's US financial events: from counterpunch: What Wall Street Hoped to Win By Pam Martens - This article provides some salient details. [ There is a photo of a sign which obviously was made and displayed by one or more persons who were reacting in a general way. Guess what? Apparently the photo only shows when going to counterpunch directly today. ] - from Online Journal: Black Monday: Global investors vote "no" to Paulson bailout By Contributing Writer Mike Whitney - Similar to the above article, but more extensive. - from Money Morning: Although the Bailout Bill Was Rejected It's No Time to Panic By Contributing Editor Martin Hutchinson - This author calculated where the Dow might fall to. - from WalletPop: What the Wall Street Crisis Means for You - 8 topics succinctly covered Rho00198

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