Friday, September 26, 2008

Humans and their Institutions

Humans create institutions such as financial, political, and numerous others for the purpose of providing useful ways for communities of humans to interact. As humans are not perfect beings, their institutions cannot be perfect. In these days of frightening uncertainties, uncertainties of planetary significance, the question-- and it is a dual question--is: Can known evils in an institutional system/ be eradicated by humans, or are those evils so entrenched they are beyond the/ control of humans? If the latter is true, the only solution is the eradication of all humans. Some believe humans are heading toward a day when all will be awakened into a new consciousness. I believe such a day, if it is to be, had better come quickly or that which is evil may well get beyond human control. As you can see, for the moment, I remain optimistic, sort of. What if evil and good in the realms of human activities are equally powerful? If the answer to this question is yes, then it is as a coin toss, the fate of human existence on this planet where resources so much in demand happen to be in decline, resources such as money while greed and bribery slither/ hither and yon unabated. - Here are some poet/writer posts/sites with more specific financial/political thoughts: [---] [---] [---] [---] [---] [---] [---] Hope you don't mind surprises. Rho00194 2008-09-27 addition: Read post and poster's comment. 2008-09-29 additions: interesting miscellaneous notes Bush's safe haven I Wonder


ryan manning said...

sunny day real estate

brian salchert said...

flyin' ryan,
the quinessential quip-master,
thanks for the visit,
but what happened to
the celebrities and the countries?

maybe john lennon will get his wish
as all the nations on this planet
go down in blaze of unbridled debt