Wednesday, September 24, 2008

financial derivatives solution

From George Washington 2: yes for a free market, but if. . . . See also army deployment within US post. Unlike some others, I have been silent most of my years about the possibility of this nation becoming a dictatorship, but tonight I wouldn't/ bet against it. - In my original Rooted Sky is a short poem with a long title that images why I have been silent. After Considering Again the Breakdown of My Civilization Rho00190


Joseph Hutchison said...

I love the new blog, Brian. And thanks for the George Washington link. Non-hysterical common sense...

brian salchert said...

Linh Dinh's post yesterday from
this site led me to this.
Go to today
for a senior editor plan
on this topic. I'm having
trouble connecting directly to it.

brian salchert said...


"senior" s/h/b "contributing"
Editor's name being shown as
Shah Gilani.

brian salchert said...

Some of the changes I've made here
I got from visits to other blogs.
Placing the Archive information first
came from Todd Swift's Eyewear.