Monday, August 4, 2008

why i am isolated

Reasons: health, time, money, opinions Health: Due mostly to one disease and the complications of it. I inherited a frail body. That body led to osteoporosis when I was in my late fifties. Causes beyond the genetic ones were multiple. It didn't help that I wasn't careful enough when I encountered situations requiring strength. I have three fractured vertebrae, and so have exacerbated kyphosis. Once 5'6.5", I am now less than 4'11". Disease number two--now being controlled by a medication-- is adult-onset epilepsy. During the time when it was not yet under control, I was forced to quit both working and driving at the same time. Could probably go back to driving, but don't think it would be a wise choice. Time: Use of it is difficult, not that it ever was easy for me. My thoughts and my imaginings have always taken precedence in spite of my knowing I must have a body which is sufficiently healthy first. Money: Barely have enough to survive on. Therefore, I have had to stop indulging several pleasures, driving being one of them. Opinions: I am an aesthetic chameleon. My interests are varied, and persist in ways I suspect most others are unable to comfortably relate to. I make no special claims for myself. A Richard Wagner I'm not. So why am I even online? Because however odd I am, I do need to interact, to learn, to share; and the Internet is at this time the best place to be for one who wishes to do such things. Actually, it has gotten so that even if every other who is online shut me out, I would remain with the winds and the shadows of my being in my chosen places, and continue to tap tap tap. Rho00136


William Michaelian said...

At the same time, I’m sure you’ve noticed from your vantage point how isolated so many people are, despite their multi-varied activities, memberships, and acquaintances. They’re isolated because they don’t know themselves, or even their own natural talents, which, if exercised and developed, would give their lives meaning. In your case and mine, it’s “tap, tap, tap,” driven by our curiosity and where it leads.

brian salchert said...

Exactly. Thank you.