Tuesday, August 5, 2008

search engine result errors

Prompted by Cuil, I just searched my name (Brian Salchert) at Google, MSN Live, and Yahoo! in order to verify what I have long known to be true at Google: results that provide a snippet of a comment supposedly by me but which in fact are not by me. All 4 of these s-engines make this kind of error, usually attributing a comment below mine to me. In case you do not understand what I am saying: this note is about comments I (or anyone) make beneath a post on a blog maintained by another blogger. Something is wrong with the technologies used or with the ways they are used. I don't think the search engines intend to deceive, but they do. Not certain how these errors/ can be corrected. Perhaps they can't be. To be fair, many times errors of this kind are not made. They are made often enough however. Rho00138

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