Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minimalism overview

A comment by Colin Bassett beneath a Rho-- post led me today to return to his web site, and do some further reading. That led me to search Minimalism and Postminimalism, and eventually to choose Wikipedia. Before I knew I would be making that choice, I read a comment favoring Amy Hempel, a writer I'd never heard of. When I got to Wikipedia's Minimalism page, a page covering all the arts, I found her name showing as a link in the Literary Minimalism section. So two links will show here. Minimalism Amy Hempel Unfortunately, I should have done an advanced Literary Postminimalism search because Google's early results were all related to music. At Wikipedia the Literary Minimalism definition embraced many of the poems I had written in the last two years. That somewhat surprised me as I had not thought of them as minimalist, even though some certainly are minimal. Rho00164

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Colin Bassett said...

Brian, I like Hempel a lot. All of her collections are together in "The Collected Stories" which is out in paperback now, I think. It was a New York Times Book of the Year. I read the whole thing right after I bought it and felt like I liked all of it a lot.