Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alvin Turner as Farmer

a book of 60 poems by William Kloefkorn originally published in 1972 by Road Runner Press in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, as a special Road Apple Review summer 1972 vol. iv no. 2 edited by Terry Smith and Brian Salchert is its author's first collection of poems. At that time Mr. Kloefkorn was a teacher at Nebraska Wesleyan, and Bill Evans, who was a friend and colleague there, contributed 8 pen and ink sketches. See cover image. Subsequently, because this book was popular, in 1974 it was republished by Ted Kooser's Windflower Press. In 2004 Logan House Press published it a third time. Here is a short poem from the book: (15) After a difference We go together as We fall apart: with words. They are clear and clipped and Gently strange, And hearing them I think Their sound is like the little noise Of needles, knitting. Rho00144

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William Michaelian said...

With that poem as an example, Alvin Turner as Farmer sounds like a wonderul book. I see Logan House Press has it available for $12.00. Tempting. Thanks.