Wednesday, July 30, 2008


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William Michaelian said...

This is excellent. I was going to suggest such a list, as opposed to the longer list that includes every last label. I’ve already started to use it. I’ve also been rummaging around a bit in Sprintedon Hollow. It’s a pleasure getting to know you through your writing, and the various ideas and concerns you present.

brian salchert said...

Actually, though I was getting tired of the long Labels list, I got
the idea from what you had done. So this is somewhere between your
Departments and what I had. Came back here this evening with the intention of ditching the links in the post because they're available in the sidebar area.

Thanks for looking around S H.

One of the traps in the blogosphere is that there are so many sites worth visiting that one could spend all one's hours there and not get anything done in one's own space, to say nothing of one's creative efforts offline.

On the other hand, if such sites--thanks to the technologies that make them possible and to our being blessed with the abilities needed to visit and learn from and derive joy from them--did not exist, we certainly would be more isolated than we are. True, it could suddenly collapse, but for now we are participating in an evolutionary advance of our species.

So, the pleasure is mine; and even
though I was first online in 2000,
I still feel new at this.