Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sex at Noon Taxes

is the title of a book of poems by Sally Van Doren which the Academy of American Poets recently mailed to me. I hadn't done a book review in many years, but I was considering one for her book. However, after finding an online review by Melinda Wilson which was published in coldfrontmag, I thought it best to link to it. When I first read this book containing 59 poems divided into four sections thusly: 15 15 15 14: six or more the poems I somewhat liked. After a second read-through, three remained. I offer no explanation of why they appeal to me, but their titles are "Pronoun/Punctuation" (page 23), "Revisitation: Key West Cemetery" (page 31), and "April" (page 48). In the review is a comment about the word "taxes" which was also my original take on that word. Then it occurred to me that one could see sex at noon as being taxing in the sense of tiring, of depleting energy. Presently I prefer this definition. ..... - Rho00114

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