Thursday, July 24, 2008

revisiting me and artifacts

My view may not be a popular one, but I learned early on a made object is only as good as are the judgments of those who attend it. This does not mean that a maker of an object can avoid being concerned about quality; but it does mean that whatever the medium or mediums, whatever the tools, whatever the construction, however refined the maker's judgment is, the values of a finished artifact exist beyond the opinions of the person who made it. Therefore, once a maker has crafted an artifact and is willing to share it with others, those others should be allowed to discern its worth. The maker can answer any questions about it, but should not get on a high horse about it. If no artifact a certain person makes is considered exceptional or even mildly good, then that's that person's maker fate. One does what one is moved to do, and if what one is moved to do results in objects unacceptable to this or that coterie, so be it. It is a horrid mistake to fashion something just to appeal to the promoters of some current taste. In the poetry sphere there is always someone or a group--usually more than one--practicing and advocating a different way to make poems. What else would one expect as arguments fly like rooks out of night? All such is interesting / useful. I, however, despite how often I/ proffer comments, remain aloof. Rho00125

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