Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the present moment in America

Essentially, the reality the interview and the two articles point to here is: free market capitalism/ is dead. "Nightmare on Wall Street: Washington Can't Bail Out the Sea of Red Ink": William Greider's conversation with Bill Moyers is available at www.pbs.org/ moyers/journal/07182008/watch.html but the type in the script of that conversation (interview) is larger at www.alternet.org/workplace/92286/ Therefore, it is best to go there. Paul B. Farrell's article: "11 reasons America's a new socialist economy" can be found at www.marketwatch.com/news/ story/eleven-reasons-america-new-top/ Matt Taibbi's article: "It's a class war, stupid" appeared in Rolling Stone. www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/ 21830103/its_a_class_war_stupid Have decided not to provide links, but a search such as Matt Taibbi class war might work; or you can try copying and pasting. 10:36 PM - Had trouble with copying and pasting the MarketWatch URL, but just tried a search that worked: Paul B Farrell America socialist economy ~ Rho00121

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