Wednesday, July 23, 2008

gold and the gold standard

* * There have been times when the price of gold equalled the value of the Dow, and there is a market analyst who thinks it is going to occur again soon/ and may even become the norm. So, unless the Dow (DJIA) falls below the current price of gold, gold is likely to rise to that value the Dow has, be it 7000 or 27000. This means that if he is right, gold could well go much higher than it now is. Some think the gold standard should be put in place again. Some think that would not work. At the Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies is "The Central Bank's War on the Middle Class" posted on 2008-06-04. Mark Thornton sides with those who favor going back to the gold standard. This search: will take you to the site. For the article, search: 04/the-central-banks-war-on-the-middle-class/ But here is a link to it: . . . . . [ Note: On the page the link connects to it says that the post was made by freemarketman, and I have no way of knowing for sure if freemarketman is Mark Thornton. ] - [ see comment ] - Rho00123

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