Friday, May 23, 2008

World Without Oil

At a grassroots effort to find ways to live as well as is possible in a world with less and less oil is underway. The organizers there are seeking ideas from anyone. Here is a link to their Manifesto in 10 parts ...... --------------------- Yesterday I read that this puffed-up USA nation uses 24% of the world's oil, and that is just the beginning of the story. See J. H. Kunstler article and comments beneath it in this blog. New reserves of oil are generally difficult to find, and extraction costly. The nations with the largest pools of oil have for some years been reorganizing their societies because they too are running out of oil. And nations that want more oil are hastening the end of oil. The prices of most commodities from steel to seeds have been rising and likely will con- tinue to rise, and unless researchers can find ways to make ethanol from sources other than food plants/ along with ways to make ethanol clean and less expensive, ethanol is not the answer. Some think hydrogen is the ultimate answer, but it too has not been researched sufficiently. Solar power could be maybe, if the cost of panels comes down enough. In any case, we humans need to help each other. There are many articles about oil, but read this experts one at Rigzone: ..... Peace - - - Love - - - Community Rho00078

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