Wednesday, May 21, 2008

things found

Earlier today while searching for a something I never did find, I found three math papers I had written in March of 1966 while at The University of Iowa striving to complete my MFA. One is dated March 8, 1966 and the others March 5, 1966. What moved me to haunt the university's math library was a magazine article about a certain genius in Michigan. Think he was 12 at the time. Topics of the 3 papers were Fermat's Last Theorem (which I was certain could be proved geometrically), a way of calculating the 90 degree arc of a circle without using Pi (which upon inspecting today I think I messed up); and due to Cantor, several axioms on infinity. Also re-found my copy of Mouth of the Dragon: 6, a publication I have because a poem of mine is in it. I have its location marked by the by the cover of the Guild Guide 1973 USA & INTERNATIONAL. You can imagine, if you care to, why I kept that cover. It wasn't to bookmark where my poem is. In paging through MofD 6 I came upon six poems written by Jonathan Williams: "Plain, Unrefined", "Country Matters", "Newcastle", "Notting Hill", "Resolute" and "Gunsmoke". He has a sense of humor that just won't quit. Found some other items I needed to find, but now my bed is a jumble of junk. I am a strange concoction. Rho00076

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