Sunday, April 27, 2008

saving planet earth two

At Linh Dinh's site, part of a speech by Richard Heinberg out of which the following extensive entries at Wikipedia: Permaculture and Biointensive These three center on the international move away from industrial agriculture, and engage the reasons why. Planet Earth can be saved, and it is intriguing that Jeffersonian and Emersonian thinking are at the heart of it. Yet, as Richard Heinberg says, the necessary new culture will not be like any of the older cultures. So much more is known now than was then, and so much more becomes known with each new day. - Perhaps train travel will return after all. Instead of two cars in every garage, one food garden (or a part of a food garden) for every family. I know/ this is not a possible, but our communities can be made more environmentally-friendly than they now are. O O Rho00066

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