Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday I joined Goodreads after noting it on J. J. Gallaher's site. I listed three books, and today I listed five more. Not sure what my doing this will come to, but I've concluded it's a good way for me to cull books from my meager library I am no longer interested in and do not wish to let others know about. The three I listed yesterday are: Hannah Arendt's The Human Condition, Teilhard de Chardin's The Phenomenon of Man, and The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan. The five I listed today are: Malachi Martin's The New Castle: Reaching for the Ultimate, Eric Hoffer's The Temper of Our Time, G. B. Harrison's Profession of English, Brenda Shaughnessy's Human Dark with Sugar; and Word of Mouth: An Anthology of Gay American Poetry edited by Timothy Liu, a book I am currently enjoyably reading. More about it later. Had a note exchange with David-Baptiste Chirot earlier today as a result of my joining Goodreads. All of this raises some major questions I am not the first to consider. Core among these stems from knowing/ humans are writing good reads faster than one can possibly read them, and that there are so many good reads from times past. How does one decide what to read? The question which follows this, whatever one decides, is: How will one respond to and/or be changed by what one reads? The question which follows this is: If one spends time reading, what about the one's writing time? I can assure you/ if I didn't need to sleep or eat, I--. > > > Rho00064

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