Wednesday, February 6, 2008

3 sonnet notes

Several months ago Stan Apps posted two of his sonnets on his blogspot blog. In my comment about them one of my remarks was: the essence of a sonnet is the presentation of a difficulty and a resolution. - While reading his sonnets it also occurred to me that the resolution did not need to follow the difficulty but could (through the use of some device) be intertwined with the difficulty. However, I did not mention that thought. On Monday February 04, 2008, Ron Silliman shared and wrote about on his blog several sonnets from Geoffrey Young's The Riot Act. After the last of those: "Why I Don't Write Novels": his first words were: "There is a calculated austerity here--. . . ." Indeed. And my thought because of it is: Although a sonnet may have deeper meanings, its content can be quite plain on its surface. Rho00031

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