Thursday, September 6, 2007


Late last night I placed a comment on a blog post. In that comment I unintentionally spelled "galaxy" with a "z". Although I caught and fixed at least three other misspellings, this one I missed has some interest to me in that it makes "a to z" and "hazy" possible extractions. - Most of this Thursday morning rain with thunder passed through Springfield MO. It is now PM 1:30. While the storminess predominated/ I continued my reading of Clayton Eshleman's Companion Spider, a book I highly recommend. Here are 2 consecutive sentences from Introduction to the Final issue of Sulfur Magazine: It is wonderful for students to have contact with writers, but I continue to believe that such contact should not take place in workshops dominated by student work and response. All of a student's time in literature should be involved with getting a small per- centage of it under his belt, and coming to terms with what, in my view, poetry is really about: the extending of human consciousness, making con- scious the unconscious, creating a symbolic consciousness that in its finest moments overcomes the dualities in which the human world is cruelly and eternally, it seems, enmeshed. - For about an hour this morning/ I was able to enter this virtual reality called being online. After I checked the weather predictions, I updated my major blog and went back to John Keats's letter. I had included a quote from it in my above-noted comment that I wanted to verify. I did this; but I also read the next sentence, a sentence having to do with the centrality of the sense of Beauty. A "sense of Beauty" search followed. The result I viewed relates to the philosopher, Santayana. It is revelatory. - See directory2007 in Catmap. Rho00019 *

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