Monday, August 6, 2007

Homo sapiens Galaxy

Herein will be my further thinking apropos Kasey's "The Poem Is You" Lime Tree post from August 2007 At its center/ what K. Silem says is absolutely correct. It recognizes abundantly-provable variances which cannot safely/ be ignored. However, he realized/ and I/ and I am sure others, refinements would need to be internally constructed and then expressed. As has often been true about me, I am here/ doing both. There is a new post up at Lime Tree this morning: a post I see as the beginning of Kasey's "further thinking". Do read it. My "further thinking" begins at a far remove from his. Homo sapiens is like a galaxy. There are billions of us. Each human is like a star in this galaxy, classifiable but unique. This galaxy is in constant motion, and each star in it is in constant motion, even after its demise. Take me. The average male in the United States, so says a fairly current factoid, is 5'10" and weighs 170 pounds. --Major conjecture interlude: Though interconnected in ways not yet fully understood, each human is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual DNA wholeness/holiness.-- I, due to what I inherited and to certain accidents since, am today somewhere between 4'11" and 5' and weigh +/- 100 pounds. Mentally, I am moderately intelligent. The best I ever scored on what might be considered an exam which acceptably measures brain functions/ was the 1370 on the June 9, 1984, GRE I took at the University of Florida when I was 43. Emotionally I am dark and deep with an echo of laughter and a sometimes feral temper. The MBTI and the like consistently tell me I am an INFP, a label which (according to the creator of one short test) means: "I Never Find Perfection". Spiritually, my roots are Roman Catholic, but I am this moment picturing myself as I was in my early youth: a light kid high in a soft maple shaking the limb he is on so no one else will come near. Why am I revealing these facts? It's the best and honestly only valid way for me to make the points I want to make. I'm a German-German/English-German ectomorph Caucasoid. I am, as each human is, a moving dot on a moving graph: the ongoing, natura naturans. Poetry. On the bed behind me and to my right/ a mystic book on library loan to me/ waits. It is The Complete Poetry a bilingual edition César Vallejo edited and translated by Clayton Eshleman © 2007 by The Regents of the University of California. I have been sporadically reading Vallejo's Trilce (1922). Thanks to Ron "Mr. Links" Silliman I'm able to share poetry wonders from Clayton Eshleman. Vallejo often writes as a shape-shifter might, a gift I must have recognized in the 1970's since I wrote a sonnet lauding him then. And that even without knowing Spanish. Poets are the conduits for the deep conversations seaming the histories of the universe. Poets are artifacteurs who use symbols. Poets mix and unmix; try this, try that; eat rubber cement. Well, maybe not the last; but, e.g., the word "spot": four symbols which can be interchanged into: "stop", "pots", "tops", and "opts" at least. The tallest I ever was/ was 5'6.5" and/ the most I ever weighed was a/round 135 pounds. So, my eyes under ground-level circumstances and focussed straight ahead/ saw only what it was possible to see in that horizontal plane. I leave it to you to apply this in the mental, emotional, and spiritual spheres. Unless there is an exact exact duplicate of me somewhere, there is no possibility of my being or doing as some other human is or does. Can I be and am I influenced by other humans? Of course. Will there be a point at which we will all come to know and believe the same things? I hope not. * See directory2007 in Catmap. Rho00014

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