Wednesday, August 1, 2007

my noumenon aesthetic

When a noumenon in a womb in my subconscious brain begins to become a noumenon of a different order as it passes into my conscious brain, I do not apply a pre- determined aesthetic to it unless there's a valid reason to; rather, I say to myself: let it come, and let me see. Many, if not most, such mental noumena are not amorphous. Aesthetic qualities abide in them. These qualities may not be familiar ones, but they are (through attentiveness and inspection) discoverable. Sometimes such noumena arrive fully formed, and can be (through the body of the receiver of them) immediately turned into phenomena. At other times, brief to lengthy periods of parenting are required. At yet other times they are shunted aside or eventually abandoned (for whatever reason or no reason). This eclectic trust I have, this openness to the universe does have its dangers, but it also allows the influx of life-enhancing noumena I would not otherwise be blessed by. Therefore, I see myself as being hard to categorize, especially as regards my poem-making. Still, I generally lean toward being conservative, a stance which--along with my solitary bent--I suspect relegates me (in this world as it is) to the status of one who is of little account. I realize my mentioning this highlights a fault in me, but I have written about this so often it hardly matters anymore. My life has taken many goodly and ungoodly turns. There were long periods when I distanced myself from poetry. This is not one of them. Honestly, I am desperately trying to catch up. Right now, though, I need a lunch break. I'm back, but without sufficient energy. Just before returning here, I did an "http" search and/ faster than bird shit/ got a response of nearly 2 billion sites. Ah cyberspace!: the perfect place/ for a flutterby face. --------- See directory2007 in Catmap. See at The Poem Is You ------------------------------------ Brian Salchert Thinking Lizard Rho00012

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